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น้ำมันเครื่องกึ่งสังเคราะห์ 15w 50  ทีมแข่งปิโตรนัส




Honda cbr 500                     2 Lites + กรอง     = 600 baht

Honda cbr 250                     2 Lites + กรอง     = 600 baht

KAWASAKI Z.800                 4 Lites + กรอง     = 1000 baht

KAWASAKI ER650 cc.           2 Lites + กรอง     = 600 baht

NINJA 250-300                    3 Lites + กรอง      = 800 baht


Next Generation Synthetic Blend Four-Stroke Motorcycle Oil


PETRONAS Syntium Moto 4SX is semi-synthetic SAE 15W-50 motorcycle oil intended for use in modern high-revving, high-temperature, heavy loads and severe performance four-stroke engines.


Specially formulated with DualTech™ technology for superior engine power performance, piston cleanliness, protection against gear micropitting and clutch system slippage, noise reduction and protection under robust riding conditions. Superior engine protection under all operating conditions and has been fully tested and proven under most extreme operations for on road and off-road conditions.



  • High performance air and water cooled four stroke motorcycle engines, including race tuned and turbocharged.

  • Four-stroke motorcycle engines with common or separate engine, gears and clutches transmission system

  • Suitable for motorbikes with high mileage and operating under severe loads and extreme operating conditions

  • Suitable for Japanese, European, and American made motorcycles

Customer Benefits

  • Superior engine cleanliness and wear protection while maintaining optimal operation all time especially during cold crank start up

  • Excellent protection against gears micro-pitting and clutch system slippage for outstanding performance response and acceleration retentions

  • Dual-combo engine and transmission protections – very smooth gearshift and clutch performance to ensure free flowing, “jerk-free” movements

  • Fortified with DualTech™ technology for superior power performance, durability, and efficiency within drain intervals

  • Excellent thermal stability to resist oil breakdown at elevated temperatures, maintaining its protective viscosity for maximum wear control.



Exceeds the requirements of:

  • API SM

  • JASO MA2

  • Japanese, European and American motorcycle OEM’s

- See more at: http://www.mymesra.com.my/?ch=mm_2011&pg=prod_assc_cs&ac=17&tpl=2011_article#sthash.N8xRxrCt.dpuf
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